torsdag 1. oktober 2015

Orange Revival - Futurecent (Fuzz Club)

Swedish psychedelic wanderers, The Orange Revival, sauntered onto the international psych stage in 2011 with a sell out debut album, Black Smoke Rising, and shows at Austin Psych Fest that wooed crowds with their 60s hypnotic flavour, spiced with hammering drums, organ buzz and fuzzy guitar riffs. Their follow up LP, Futurecent, is set to cement their position in the ever-growing international psych scene.

With mastering by Sonic Boom / Pete Kember of Spaceman 3 and Spectrum, the album was recorded over two years in an abandoned warehouse using an incredible catalogue of vintage gear: 60s instrumentation, 80s Casios and a 1989 Tascam (say what Tascam product). The resulting sound is a collection of doomsday drones, stirring up blues, punk and a touch of desert rock that echoes some of the wildest chapters of rock & roll history, from The Stooges to Brian Jonestown Massacre and early Nebula.

The album was anticipated by the single “Saturation” which was defined ‘a rumbling space-rocker’ by US magazine Under The Radar and remixed by Roger Brogan from Spectrum.

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