torsdag 9. februar 2017


The Black Angels - Currency

Here Lies Man

tirsdag 29. november 2016


søndag 2. oktober 2016

Listen To Al Lover A-side From Suicide/Neu! Tribute 10″

Listen to Al Lover’s bleak, immersive and beautifully structured A-side from Suicide/Neu! tribute 10” below:

Ahead of his upcoming UK tour, San Francisco psych-beat producer Al Lover has teamed up with London label Fuzz Club to release a special 10″ titled Neuicide! – an ode to underground music pioneers Neu! and Suicide, due to be released on November 12th. Neuicide! is an obvious tip of the hat to two ground-breaking bands that are ironically revered by today’s nostalgia-drenched underground music scene, German Kraut pioneers Neu! and New York protopunk’s Suicide. Neither a remix nor a cover, Al takes their influence as an “absurdist display of gratitude; channelling (through his distorted lens) the locked groove and ethereal synth swaths of Neu! and the bruiting discord of Suicide“. Catch Al Lover on tour, full dates:

torsdag 15. september 2016

My Invisible Friend

My Invisible Friend is Annalisa (bass and vocals), Joe and Cristian (guitars and vocals) and an old Roland drum machine. When asked to divulge their influences and discusstheir sound they described themselves as a “car crash between Neu! And My Bloody Valentine… you can find some bass lines taken from Kraftwerk while a guitar is playing Sunn O))) and the other one a solo from Psychocandy”.

‘S/T” is released Monday 19th September via Fuzz Club, which you can pre-order here