fredag 31. januar 2014

Greg Ashley

...Greg Ashley is best known for fronting talented Texas psych band The Gris Gris, but has also spent time in other bands (The Mirrors, The Strate-Coats) and has released a number of solo albums along the way too.

With his new solo album, Another Generation of Slaves, Ashley heads into wintery territory. The record was made with a host of jazz musicians and, like last year's Death of a Ladies Man, is more in the boozy, piano-y '70s singer-songwriter mode.

The LP is out February 25 on Trouble in Mind...


torsdag 30. januar 2014

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete's new album, 'Chambers', will now be released on March 3.

You can pre-order  a limited-edition green vinyl pressing (that won't be available in any shops!) directly from the Sonic Cathedral Shop now.

'Chambers' is the Mexican psych duo's third album and their first to be released via Sonic Cathedral in the UK and Europe. It was recorded by Cooper Crain of Chicago kraut/drone-rockers Cave and  Bitchin Bajas and mastered by Sonic Boom

Sonic Cathedral

tirsdag 28. januar 2014

torsdag 23. januar 2014

Black Lips

From Black Lips' new album Underneath The Rainbow, out March 18th via VICE Records.

onsdag 22. januar 2014

Shine Brothers

Cardinal Fuzz: Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present The Shine Brothers debut album Hello Griefbirds!
If The Everly Brothers were invited to The Birthday Party, The Shine Brothers - a liberal dose of melodic mayhem - would be the party favour. Waving the ‘psych-my-delic’ banner, The Shine Brothers epitomise the seedier side of music with a mind melting collection of garage psych. But look out as The Shine Brothers achieve an alchemic balance of slanted sunshine pop song structures with howling devilish rhythms, crowned by dirty, weaving vocal harmonies with tracks veering from Beatles like sunshine pop to frenzied fuzz induced E.P.I. freakouts.
The Shine Brothers’ ensemble includes Nate Ryan (ex The Black Angels), Colin Ryan (ex Woven Bones), Oakley Munson (ex The Rondelles), and Ryan Rapsys (ex Too Many Bands To Name).
LP comes with a download code that also features 3 bonus tracks.
500 Press. 200 on Red Vinyl of which 150 are for sale through the Cardinal Fuzz Big Cartel Store Page

Jesus Sons

With bands everywhere ripping pages out the ’60s, Jesus Sons sound as if they could write a whole chapter. The L.A.-based quintet of  Brandon Wurtz (ex-Spyrals), Shannon Dean, Bert Hoover, Chance Welton and Erik Lake makes psych-rock with a a garagey flavor and an Ameicana aftertaste. Jesus Sons are the latest addition to the roster of Mock Records (Spaceships, Cab 20), and the first single off their forthcoming full-length (due in early 2014) is the slack Velvets-meets-Summer of Love number “I Wanna Be Your Man.” If it sounds as if somebody in this band should be wearing the American flag as a fashion accoutrement, well … - See more at:

Stream Doug Tuttle

Trouble In Mind Records

torsdag 16. januar 2014

Holy Wave

The Reverberation Appreciation Society is proud to announce the release of the second LP from Holy Wave, entitled “Relax”, out January 28th, 2014 on vinyl, CD, digital download and a cassette co-release with Burger Records.  

“Deliver us from evil” – yes, but how? “Relax,” says Holy Wave. “Relax” sees the band expanding both their sound and their membership, recording for the first time as a five-piece. Holy Wave continues to carefully combine fluid forms of sacred surf sounds, droning riffs and group vocals that haunt and harmonize in equal measure. The songs on “Relax” are confident and streamlined, yet expansive as ever. The band creates a fuzz-frenzy as deep as it is wide, captured with care by producer Erik Wofford (Explosions in the Sky, My Morning Jacket, The Black Angels) at Cacophony Studios in Austin, TX. 

Holy Wave, ever-dedicated disciples of sound, will take their message on the road this Spring, with a US tour and European dates on the horizon.

Nest Egg


Brujas del Sol

...Brujas del Sol is a psychedelic quartet that focuses their attention toward fuzzed out, loud, swirly, droney compositions... facebook.BrujasdelSol

onsdag 15. januar 2014

BJM - Revelation (album demo)

album in demo form / work in progress - berlin de, 2013/2014

tirsdag 14. januar 2014

Christian Bland & The Revelators - Singapore Sling - Split

Side A. Christian Bland & The Revelators with a cover of the Spacemen 3 classic “Losing Touch With My Mind”.

Side B. Singapore Sling with an acoustic version of “Life Is Killing My Rock N Roll”.

Fuzz Club:
This is Number One of the Fuzz Club Records Split Single Series and comes in an edition of only 100!
A big thank you to two of my all time favorite artists and cool cats Christian Bland and Henrik Bjornsson for taking part in the series.

Cover art by Olya Dyer and silkscreened.

This will be released very soon. Sign up to our Newsletter to be notified about exact release date (and time!!).

torsdag 2. januar 2014

Has A Shadow

...Sky is Hell Black hits you with a wall of sound that emanates from the darkest corners of the Mexican interior. Listening to this album is like being shrouded in a veil of fog at the moment a massive storm takes over a barren metropolis. The experience of drone gets charged with anticipation when you realize that the storm is about to hit...