onsdag 22. januar 2014

Jesus Sons

With bands everywhere ripping pages out the ’60s, Jesus Sons sound as if they could write a whole chapter. The L.A.-based quintet of  Brandon Wurtz (ex-Spyrals), Shannon Dean, Bert Hoover, Chance Welton and Erik Lake makes psych-rock with a a garagey flavor and an Ameicana aftertaste. Jesus Sons are the latest addition to the roster of Mock Records (Spaceships, Cab 20), and the first single off their forthcoming full-length (due in early 2014) is the slack Velvets-meets-Summer of Love number “I Wanna Be Your Man.” If it sounds as if somebody in this band should be wearing the American flag as a fashion accoutrement, well … - See more at: buzzbands.la

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