torsdag 10. oktober 2013

Clipd Beaks

...Clipd Beaks continue on their decade-long saga with the dark psychedelia of Lost Offerings. Fearless as ever, this EP stretches across canyons of crunching guitars, noise-splashed euphoria and plenty of sublime drifting over the course of it’s four tunes. Recorded at White Rock in West Oakland with a heavy emphasis on recreating their dense, live sound in all of its haze and immediacy. Clipd Beaks have refined their cacophony into something with the dynamics of a prog band but the melodic sense of a pop band. And while it’s tempting to affix a ‘post’ onto any genre they touch; in the end, Clipd Beaks are singularly their own. Moon Glyph is excited to unveil their latest in Lost Offerings...moon glyph

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