fredag 8. februar 2013

Primal Scream - More Light!

Primal Scream announce new album 'More Light'!

Bobby Gillespie about More Light's sound and instrumentation: "It's a rock'n'roll record, but modern rock'n'roll," he said. "Pretty psychedelic rock, it's kind of guitar-driven but we use guitars in an orchestral way, not in the normal way people make rock records. I think we do it in a more interesting way. We weave the guitars in with electronics and other acoustic instruments to make the core sound." Gillespie added, "The songwriting has got better! Live we're a guitar rock'n'roll band but when we make records... it would be boring if we just made guitar records, we've got our own way of doing things. It's Primal Scream music."

Gillespie has also confirmed that the album has been produced by David Holmes. Mark Stewart of The Pop Group and Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant will also appear. It will also feature My Bloody Valentine bassist Debbie Googe, who replaced longtime member Gary "Mani" Mounfield, who has rejoined the reunited Stone Roses.

Band's 10th album will be released on May 6

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