fredag 7. desember 2012

The Soft Walls

The Soft Walls' debut album is the product of time spent in solitude by Cold Pumas member and Faux Discx overseer – Dan Reeves. Recorded over the space of nine months, The Soft Walls takes in psychedelic folk, ambient & found sounds, lo-fidelity garage, broken house and wobbly krautrock in it's 30 or so minutes.

"The Soft Walls dissolves and swelters like the end of the century dance parties past, present and future. Repetition is aligned with invention and experimentation, and The Soft Walls is the amorphous release of a wandering mind, settling into it's own cranium. Dense grooves coat the magnetic tape that delivers them, whilst motorik drum machines sit in primal death-rhythms." Suplex Cassettes

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