torsdag 8. november 2012

Moon Pool and Dead Band

...bleak bit of retro-futurism from Wolf Eyes’ Nate Young’s Moon Pool and Dead Band. Accompanied by Sights/SSM man Nate Shettler, Young here sculpts nocturnal minimal synth loops with insistent techno beats, like John Carpenter with an icy Basic Channel-esque pulse. The synth textures are great throughout this record, with the duo taking their sweet time over developing gently throbbing and evolving tracks which aren’t hard work to listen to at all. The minimal feel really lets the synth tones breathe. It’s kind of warm sounding and melodic whilst also being quite creepy and ‘80s horror-influenced. Kind of an affectionate tribute to the era, I suppose. The cover painting is amazing, too. Beautifully detailed ‘80s dystopian fantasy shit with psychedelic colours. It perfectly complements the twitching, swirling, live synth and throb creepiness that lurks within. Bleak without being depressing..
Moon Pool & Dead Band - Recycling Concept.mp3

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