fredag 10. februar 2012

Rancho Relaxo

Rancho Relaxo er ute med nytt album: "Happy Friday Experiment" (Trout as Lubrication Records)

"Rancho Relaxo was formed in 2003, when Inge Kjetil Sandvik Malmedal hooked up his 4-track cassette recorder and started to make noise. As friends startet to join in, the music developed and Inge Kjetil started to write and arrange songs for the band. Around 2006 the band moved away from improvised spacemen 3 like tunes to a more traditional take on music making. The new songs consisted of Byrds-like harmonies, jangly shoegaze guitars, tambourines, sitar and paisley psychedelia. With 12 strings, lots of reverb, trippy melodies and some occassional fuzz freak-outs, they crafted their sound."
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