tirsdag 7. februar 2012

the band in Heaven

HOZAC : "you don’t hear the words “pop” and “nightmare” used together often enough, but with The Band In Heaven’s debut EP, it’s a newly minted connotation that fits so well, it seems to personify their ugly, industrial/shoe-gaze sound to a tee. The warped, idyllic fragments of noise, bending ruthlessly around each pounding hook, clearly shows how this band’s demonic dexterity is easily winning over everyone who comes in contact. Captivating minimalism this crepuscular and grimy isn’t best suited for summer days or weekend parties, so it’s only fitting that we’re unleashing this slab when the commodity of daylight is at it’s lowest, in the heart of the winter. So without further delay, pull those shades down, dim the lights and crank up this rapturous racket before their inevitable religious backlash comes to fruition" the band in Heaven 

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