fredag 21. desember 2012

Eleven Twenty-Nine

"Eleven Twenty-Nine is a blues-flecked, dueling guitar collaboration between American underground mainstays Tom Carter and Marc Orleans, who have been quietly mining the frets since well before there was such a thing as an Internet buzz cycle, and have only gotten more technically proficient while too many of us weren't looking. One half of the Texas psych-drone duo Charalambides (with Christina Carter), Carter is also the founder of Wholly Other records, and has collaborated with the likes of Marcia Bassett, Ben Chasny, Thurston Moore, Dredd Foole, Jandek, Bardo Pond, Steve Gunn, and Matt Valentine. Orleans is a Sunburned Hand of the Man alumn who practices the steel guitar 90 hours a week, and Eleven Twenty-Nine takes its name from an old blues euphemism for a one-year prison term. With the light-footed, raga-Americana ambulations on "White Horse Blues," below, it's hardly a surprise that they have dedicated their debut LP to the late Jack Rose"- Emilie Friedlander, Altered Zones

MP3: Eleven Twenty-Nine: "White Horse Blues"


Fuzz - This Time I Got A Reason / Fuzz's Fourth Dream
    (Trouble in Mind Records)

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onsdag 19. desember 2012

Pin Ups

"Formed in 1988, the Pin Ups is the myth of Brazilian alternative rock. When the first disc of the British scene arrived in Brazil, the band was already on stage assiduous Espaço Retrô - home to more cult of Sao Paulo. The sound of the band with a name inspired by David Bowie album, jarred with everything that was done in Brazil at the time and tune with what was most modern in Britain and the United States showed a banda personality not only on stage, as in the studio"

From Time Will Burn (1990)

mandag 17. desember 2012


"One of the most obscure and original bands in the world!
From Gothenburg, Sweden but with roots in Korpolombolo.
Many rumours have circled around this band. Some say they are illigal immigrants making music while hiding from the police. Others talk about ancient voodoo tradition in northern Sweden."

Goat will do a US tour in the end of april, visiting the great Austin Psych Fest!
Buy the record in Scandinavia: goatsweden/app

fredag 7. desember 2012

The Soft Walls

The Soft Walls' debut album is the product of time spent in solitude by Cold Pumas member and Faux Discx overseer – Dan Reeves. Recorded over the space of nine months, The Soft Walls takes in psychedelic folk, ambient & found sounds, lo-fidelity garage, broken house and wobbly krautrock in it's 30 or so minutes.

"The Soft Walls dissolves and swelters like the end of the century dance parties past, present and future. Repetition is aligned with invention and experimentation, and The Soft Walls is the amorphous release of a wandering mind, settling into it's own cranium. Dense grooves coat the magnetic tape that delivers them, whilst motorik drum machines sit in primal death-rhythms." Suplex Cassettes