søndag 2. oktober 2016

Listen To Al Lover A-side From Suicide/Neu! Tribute 10″

Listen to Al Lover’s bleak, immersive and beautifully structured A-side from Suicide/Neu! tribute 10” below:

Ahead of his upcoming UK tour, San Francisco psych-beat producer Al Lover has teamed up with London label Fuzz Club to release a special 10″ titled Neuicide! – an ode to underground music pioneers Neu! and Suicide, due to be released on November 12th. Neuicide! is an obvious tip of the hat to two ground-breaking bands that are ironically revered by today’s nostalgia-drenched underground music scene, German Kraut pioneers Neu! and New York protopunk’s Suicide. Neither a remix nor a cover, Al takes their influence as an “absurdist display of gratitude; channelling (through his distorted lens) the locked groove and ethereal synth swaths of Neu! and the bruiting discord of Suicide“. Catch Al Lover on tour, full dates:https://www.facebook.com/events/206554419750118/