fredag 28. august 2015

Kill West - Smoke Beach


A Victim Of Society

onsdag 26. august 2015

W-X (White Fence’s Tim Presley) – “Clean It Glen” (Stereogum Premiere)

W-X (White Fence’s Tim Presley) – “Clean It Glen” (Stereogum Premiere)

Mystery Lights

Limited Edition Cassette (Ltd. 150) Cassette Limited Edition Cassette in Lime Green with Purple Ink.

Uh Bones Preorder for the debut LP by Chicago's most righteous and radical rock n rollers, UH BONES!!! Total pressing of 300, with 100 pressed on white vinyl. If you want to get in on that oh so sweet white vinyl, order NOW! First come first serve! Impress your friends! Enrage your enemies! Buy our other records too! Randy Records is the shit!!! ALSO, no extra shipping is charged for any extra records ordered in the USA, so buy some more you dummy! If you are not from the US, email with your order and I can give you a cheaper quote! Save money, spend it on beer!!!

tirsdag 4. august 2015

Indian Jewelry - Doing Easy

September 1.