tirsdag 2. desember 2014

Fuzz Club Records/Black Angels/Sonic Jesus

Release date December 15th. Limited to 1000 copies. 250 on transparent RED VINYL exclusive to the Fuzz Club store. Also available on white vinyl (750 copies).
Formed in 2004, The Black Angles have already gained the cult status. In a way they represent a solid bridge between the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the international Psych scene of today, and they keep spreading that joyful psych-infection that has been taking over the globe in the last few years.
Sonic Jesus are a young band from Doganella Di Ninfa, Italy in 2012. They took part to the Reverb Conspiracy compilation album (co-released by Fuzz Club and Austin Psych Fest) twice. Their sold-out debut EP, was released by Fuzz Club and the Reverb Appreciation Society. Their sound is a colourful blend of Sixties, Folk, Krautrock and Shoegaze, made up of drones and layers of sound combined with poetic lyrics. This single is a preview of their debut LP, which will be released next year.