fredag 17. oktober 2014

torsdag 16. oktober 2014


...Rhyton is a band that features Dave Shuford (No Neck Blues Band), D. Charles Speer, Jimy SeiTang (Psychic Ills), and Spencer Herbst (Messages, Matta Llama) improvising their way through fields of psychedelic rock. Rhyton pours out a sonic libation unto the liberated world. Waveforms ring out, alternately frozen and blazing, wrenched from an improvisational method. They seek to loosen the gaze so as to widen focus, taking the unity in hand, not grabbing for the micro-constituent. Using the dynamic levels of rock, Rhyton carve out an edifice of sound on their debut LP that centers upon repetition and modal excursion. Recorded and mixed by Jason Meagher at his Black Dirt Studio, this self-titled release is culled from a highly fruitful three day recording session. Seeking to capture the cutting intensity level of their live performances, the band takes the ethos of full engagement. The multiple amp setup at hand in the studio helps imbue the ear with “second hearing”. The split stereo, dual amped electric leads utilized throughout the record are best experienced on tracks like “Pontian Grave” and “Teke” where phase and tremolo patterns bounce and surge from ear to ear, warping senses of both time and space. These two distinct sound sources are a manifestation of dual perspectives derived from a single emanation: this is not the fracturing of a voice, but rather its multiplying into a unified but complimentary chorale as different delay lengths and distortion levels cohere into an ensemble greater than its parts. On “Dale Odaliski” the rock trio trappings are stripped away as a booming tom tom, oscillators and delay loops evoke a kind technological primitivism that seems akin to a message from a shattered, distant future...

The Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane – Membrillo’s Ride / Rugby

fredag 3. oktober 2014

Needle Points