mandag 18. november 2013


Boogarins - As Plantas Que Curam (Fat Possum Records)
...Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz met in high school in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia, far from the thriving cultural metropolises of São Paulo and Rio, yet nevertheless in the shadow of the icons of their homeland's great musical heritage -- not bossa nova and samba, however, but psychedelic pop. Still in their late teens, the music they make together, recorded on borrowed gear and with self-taught technology in their parents' basements, shares the spirit and soul of Tropicalismo, but it has also blossomed in the light of the current international DIY underground. Almeida is the poet and singer, Ferraz is the multi-instrumentalist and gear-head, and together, as Boogarins, they write songs that reach beyond their years and any restrictions of geography or genre: timeless pop untethered from categorizations... 
Fat Possum Records

torsdag 14. november 2013

The Myrrors

Ramona Parra b​/​w Nobody's Children
(Digital Album) 

Solar Collector 
Limited Edition Cassette
Hand assembled tape with cardstock insert.

Interview/gear review with Nik Rayne of The Myrrors 
(Do You Even Psychedelic)

The Myrrors@Facebook

fredag 8. november 2013

Doug Tuttle (MMOSS)

...Until very recently, Doug Tuttle played guitar for New Hampshire psych crew MMOSS, who called it quits earlier this year. Now, the six-string wizard has gone solo, with plans to unleash his self-titled debut album on January 28, through Trouble in Mind Records. In advance of the upcoming 11-track LP, Tuttle is offering "Turn This Love," a six-minute jam that bleeds together hazy organ drones and melodic vocal sighs before being taken over by silly-putty guitar

tirsdag 5. november 2013

White Fence

White Fence - Live In San Francisco

Castle Face Records:
...The inaugural release of our Live in San Francisco series! White Fence burned down the tiny SF club Amnesia two nights in a row and we were there with a Tascam 388 to capture the magic. A totally different side of the band compared to their studio records and not to be missed. Engineered by Chris Woodhouse, Eric Bauer, Bob Marshall, and our own John Dwyer, adorned with photos shot to real film by Brian Pritchard, and the limited ultra clear vinyl includes an alternate, lenticular cover, which creates magical movement through print-wizardry. PLEASE NOTE - Lenticular copies will ship Nov. 12th...


fredag 1. november 2013