tirsdag 26. juli 2011

Night Beats

The Night Beats endelig ute debutalbumet sitt!

Trouble in Mind Records


July were a psychedelic rock band from Ealing, London that were professionally active between 1968 and 1969. The band's music was a blend of psychedelic rock and pop, marked by lush harmonies, acoustic guitars, keyboards, and intricate lead guitar work.


"i" (Burger Records, 2011)
Fantastically psychedelic and retrofitted with tambourines, flutes, and what sounds like a mellotron, MMOSS don’t just sound like a band rehashing bygone days of 60s experimentalism and open-minded, open-spectrum grooves...(iguessimfloating)
Stream and buy: mmoss.bandcamp.com

Dead Skeletons

Stream: apolloaudio.com/Dead-Skeletons

søndag 17. juli 2011

The Paperhead

Focus In On... The Looking Glass LP

"...reissue of psych-wunderkinds The Paperhead's debut cassette! Before they dosed the world with their vinyl debut earlier this year, these three teenage journeymen were known as The Looking Glass, & honed their chops playing extended jam-sessions at house parties & shows in their hometown Nashville scene. Originally released as a limited cassette by Infinity Cat, this recording is a "further-out" trip - a bit more experimental & free than their s/t debut, but no-less engaging." - Trouble In Mind Records