tirsdag 29. april 2014

Fuzz Club Records split no 4

Split Single No. 4 in the Fuzz Club 10" Split Single Series includes legendary Alan Vega from Suicide and The Vacant Lots.

Limited to 400 copies. 300 on white vinyl / 100 on clear vinyl(exclusive to the Fuzz Club Record store). Numbered insert.
Clear vinyl have silkscreened and embossed stamped covers.

Release date May 21st.


Levitation Room

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Album stream: Jeffertitti’s Nile, ‘The Electric Hour’

Who needs hallucinogens when you’ve got Jeffertitti’s Nile? The band — the cosmic conveyances of singer-guitarist Jeff Ramuno — this week releases its second full-length, “The Electric Hour.” Ramuno, who plays bass for Josh Tillman in Father John Misty, calls his music “transcendental space-punk doo-wop,” which uses a lot of words and hyphens where “psychedelia” would have done nicely, especially for an album that abides the mind-bending, boundary-pushing traditions of psych-rock. “The Electric Hour” was made between three studios: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ room in Ojai; Jazz Cats studio in Long Beach (run by Crystal Antlers’ Jonny Bell); and Seahorse Sound in downtown L.A. Tillman plays drums on the album, and a lot of other luminaries from the L.A. scene contribute as well. Intense without being linear, exploratory without being indulgent, “The Electric Hour” is Ramuno’s finest hour

See more at: buzzbands.la/jeffertittis-nile

tirsdag 22. april 2014

Dead Gurus

Dead Gurus
Including Bennett Johnson (Daughters of The Sun), Sarah Rose (IS/IS) as well as Jason Edmonds and Scott Weller (Magic Castles). While each artist’s band has a forthcoming full length release this year, they are in Edmonds’ words “making the most of [their] time together in MN creating new music, and having a total blast doing it.” While that sounds a bit semi-permanent, hopefully the band manages to record a lot of songs as great as this while they can. Stream “Starflower” as well as “Serpent Fire” below and keep an eye out for news on the band’s facebook page. Dead Gurus next show is in Milwaukee on 4/24 for Psych Fest, but they’ll also be performing locally in a show at the Turf Club opening for psych/drone legends Loop on 4/26.

lørdag 5. april 2014

The Vacant Lots - Departure

July 1, 2014 via Sonic Cathedral


"Departure's opener, "Mad Mary Jones," is a synthesis of adrenaline-driven guitars fueled with electronic and percussive intensity. "6 AM" is a sensory overload strobing with frenetic hypno-monotony set against a backdrop of controlled chaos, while "Make The Connection" contrasts ritualistic tremolo drones against Native American rhythms and spoken word lingering between the pendulum of The Velvets and Lautreamont. For "Tomorrow" the band enlisted longtime friend Dean Wareham to add additional layers and solo on guitar while the mixing and mastering were carried out by Sonic Boom at his New Atlantis Studio in the UK."

Spiritualized’s J. Spaceman and Oneida’s Kid Millions - Misha

24-Minute "Misha" From Collab Album

This is available exclusively on Record Store Day, limited to 3000 copies. The music was recorded live at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Read more here: http://p4k.in/NeD4KY


photo credit: Greg C photography

onsdag 2. april 2014