torsdag 12. desember 2013

Creeping Pink's Plastic Mono Band

fredag 6. desember 2013


The KVB - Minus One A Records

...The KVB's debut album, finally available on physical format beyond the original 100 copy cassette edition in 2012. Coming off like moodier English cousins to Wooden Shjips and Cold Cave and landing somewhere between MBV and Factory Floor, 'Minus One', Kat Day and Nicholas Woods' first missive, was recorded, produced and mixed over the course of five days in 2011 and barrels out eight tracks of motorik, gothic bloodlust powered by vitamin C-deficient drum machines, droning synths and razor-cutting clouds of guitar distortion. It will sound perfect with your new leather jacket and studied sneer...BOOMKAT 


tirsdag 3. desember 2013

Oslo Psych Fest 5-7 Dec

Wolf People - The Holydrug Couple  - Disappears (US) - Los Explosivos - Sauna Youth (UK) NARCOSATANICOS - Electric Eye (NO) - WIND (NO) - The Hedgehogs (DK) - Sudakistan (SWE) - Eagles Gift (FR) - Death By Unga Serena - Maneesh (Official) more to come....

Tickets @ Tiger
Revolver Oslo